Communication is an essential component of a fulfilling life. Speech Language Planner has a focus on guiding patients along their communication journey to achieve their goals. The results speak for themselves.

“Truly an exceptional Speech Language Pathologist”

“I say that after personally observing her clinical expertise first hand. When I first met Hannah, I immediately knew she was going to be a great fit for our team. Hannah is very professional, caring, and passionate about her love for the field of Speech Language Pathology, her clients, and their families. Her personality speaks volumes! Hannah tailors her therapy sessions to each child and their needs specifically. She provides coaching to parents along the journey each and every step of the way to make both parents and their child feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Hannah in a heartbeat! Hannah has been such a blessing to work alongside. It’s not everyday you meet someone in this field as kind-hearted as Hannah.”

Sarah Davies, M.S., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist, Clinical Supervisor

Hannah has been a godsend

“We had noticed our two-year-old was having much difficulty making basic words and sounds. Our pediatrician suggested speech therapy as a possible solution. Hannah has been a godsend. Her kindness and infinite patience really helped our son improve his speech skills. She uses all kinds of games and pictures and puzzles to help the child learn without making it seem like work. Even when our son got frustrated, she always was able to help him focus. We have noticed that our son can almost have full conversations and learns new words almost daily now. His puzzle solving skills have improved and he really enjoys learning new things. We are very grateful that we had such a great therapist for our child.”

Parents of a 3-year-old child at time of discharge

She did what no one else could help me do

“I am a mom of a kid with Down Syndrome and Autism. He was taking therapy at another place and I didn’t see much improvement. When I first met Hannah I asked her if she could help us get a communication device for my son. She said, “Let’s try it” and she did it. She did what no one else could help me do. He loves her and now he responds and tolerates therapy better. Hannah is one of a kind. My son loves her and I love her too. She is the best. Now my son has a voice because he has the speech device.”

Mom of a teenager

Hannah has given him the tools to work and improve every day.

“The first thing that I like about you is, you never give up with my son. You are doing a great job with him, and this improved his life. Thanks for that. Cause that means you love what you do and you believe in him. I appreciate your labor THANKS. I looked for speech therapy services to raise my son and develop his language skills. Her experience and her patience has changed my son’s attitude and helped him face each obstacle creating realistic goals and helping him to form a better educational future. My son has improved his attitude, finding the good and benefits of taking his therapies and working with Hannah. In addition, it has given him hope in his personal goals to see improvement in his language skills. He has grown and matured as a person and has understood the respect he should have towards others since his linguistic development has benefited him from leaving frustrations in communication and he has learned to better express his feelings and his thoughts with others. It has been a blessing to us that Hannah gave our son a chance and understood what his condition was and that she knew she could help improve his skills. Thank you for being there for him.”

Mother of a teenager

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